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[...] The goal of audio mastering is to bring the given audio material to a higher quality level and to enable playback compatibility for as many technical devices and media as possible.
A professional audio recording should sound the same on a small stereo system as on an official radio broadcast or on a headphone playback. For that purpose, a balanced stereo image, a great mono compatibility as well as a balanced frequency response are essential [...] (Source: Wikipedia)

Stem - mastering can deliver the best results!
Group tracks like e.g. drums, guitars, vocals etc. are mastered seperately and merged into one stereo track afterwards. Stem-Mastering is also useful for correcting a bad mix when a complete remix is no option anymore.


Online mastering saves time and money while delivering the same quality as classical mastering. There are no compromises!
Send us an e-mail and we will answer all open questions.
You can send us the files, a stereo track of the mixdown or also single groups (so called stems) of the mixdown via e-mail, download link or on CD/DVD/USB-Stick.

The file formats eligible for our mastering are the following:
• wav 44.1 – 96 Khz 16-24 Bit Stereo
• aiff 44.1 – 96 Khz 16-24 Bit Stereo

The to-be-mastered track must not be affected by
• any compressor
• any limiter, multiband or maximizer
• any EQ
• any other effect etc.

We will send you a mp3 version (30 sec.) of the finished mastering, so you can evaluate and approve it. If you are 100% satisfied by our service, payment can be made comfortably via PayPal or wire transfer.
You will obtain a download link for loading the finished wave file(s) from our server as soon as the payment is confirmed. If desired, we will send your master CD by mail.


In order to ensure a constant level of high quality of the mastered tracks without any noticeable loss of sound, Apple launched the program "Mastered for iTunes". This enables us to create a master, which compensates the loss of quality between CD and iTunes. We guarantee, that an iTunes master will sound as great as the original CD master.

Please find the prices for the different mastering methods under PRICES.


The following audiosamples are demonstrating the difference between an unprocessed, mixed and a mastered track.
Track one, four and seven were recorded in other studios with only mixing and mastering by Mega Blaster.
All the other tracks were produced entirely in our studio.